Empowering Modern Application Transformation with Dell EMC VxRail

Providing Choice, Optimizing Infrastructure, and Simplifying Lifecycle Management

Digital transformation initiatives across industries are accelerating. Based on ESG research, nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents described their organization’s digital transformation initiatives as mature (having implemented and optimized several initiatives) or in the process (currently implementing and executing initiatives), up from 58% just a year ago. What’s more, it’s important to remember that digital transformation includes people, processes and technology, and organizations are rapidly deploying new technologies to help ensure alignment with new processes.

One example of deploying new technology is the effort to modernize application environments, a transformation that also incorporates people and processes. In the past, crafting a new monolithic architecture-based application might require years to build using a waterfall process, would typically reside on physical servers located in corporate data centers, and would only offer one major release and perhaps one or two minor releases per year. And the developers were typically segmented from the operations teams.

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